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2/5/2015 Anthem Data Breach
12/1/14 Open Enrollment  Ended November 26, 2014
10/22/14 2014 Employee Health Plan Survey Results  (PDF)
We received 1,014 responses to our recent employee satisfaction survey. Overall, most respondents were satisfied with their current plan. Compare your plan by viewing the results for the individual questions.
7/1/13 Kern Legacy Health Plan EPO now in effect
Employees who chose to enroll in the County's new Kern Legacy Health Plan Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) medical plan option are covered under the new plan as of July 1, 2013. As an EPO, this plan has a limited provider network. Please verify that a provider is contracted with the plan prior to receiving services. For questions about Kern Legacy Health Plan services, providers, pharmacy benefits, prescription mail order/delivery, or to access the available 24-hour nurse line, please call the plan at (661) 868-3280. Member ID cards were sent out in mid-July. (view a sample ID card).
6/11/13 Catamaran Home Delivery for Point-of-Service (POS) Prescription Mail Service
Walgreens mail order services are changing. Prescription mail service under the POS plan will be provided through Catamaran Home Delivery beginning July 1. Catamaran has been the POS plan pharmacy benefit manager for several years; the company name was formerly Catalyst Rx. See the Catamaran Home Delivery FAQ  (PDF) or the POS Prescription Benefit web page for more information.
9/28/12 Health Care Reform News  (PDF)
Health Plan Info



Group medical coverage is provided to eligible employees and their eligible dependents.  Employees may choose between four plans.   Coverage includes a prescription drug benefit that allows employees to obtain covered prescriptions at discounted rates from participating pharmacies.   The prescription drug benefit may also include a mail-service component that allows employees to acquire covered prescriptions at an even greater discount.

See also Dental Plans and Vision Plan

Plan Comparison Charts


Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Medical Plan Benefits Comparison Chart  (PDF)

Dental Plan Benefits Comparison Chart  (PDF)

Plan Costs Comparison Chart  (PDF)

Medical Plan Web Sites (including prescription drug coverage)


County of Kern EPO (administered by Managed Care Systems)

County of Kern Point of Service (POS) Plan

Kaiser Permanente HMO Plan

Kern Legacy Health Plan EPO

County Programs


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Wellness Program (EWP)

Rates & Dates

   ♦   NEW! Health Benefits Employee Contribution Rates  (PDF)

   ♦   Health Benefits Coverage Periods  (PDF)

   ♦   Benefits Coverage End Date  (PDF)

   ♦   COBRA Health Benefits Rates  (PDF)

Voluntary Benefits

Additional Voluntary Benefits Information  (PDF)



Employees have additional benefits and programs available through payroll deduction. These options are made available to employees merely as a convenience and are not endorsed or guaranteed by the County. The County of Kern makes no recommendation nor assumes any responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the product selected. Some voluntary benefits are portable and/or convertible, meaning you can keep the coverage should your employment with the County terminate. You should contact the administrator of the particular program for portability/convertibility information.



KERN$FLEX - Flexible spending plans that allow eligible employees to pay for dependent care, un-reimbursed medical expenses, certain voluntary benefit insurance premiums and employee health benefit (medical/dental/vision) contributions on a pre-tax basis through payroll deduction. Sign-up or manage your account at Questions on active Flexible Spending Accounts should be directed to Administrative Solutions, Inc (ASi) at (866) 777-1320.

Insurance Products



These voluntary benefits offered as part of the Kern$Flex benefit program and can be deducted on a pre-tax basis through the Kern$Flex plans: Short Term Disability Coverage, Accident Plan, Cancer Plan, and the Kern$Flex Flexible Spending Accounts. You can also choose to purchase any of the three insurance plans above with post-tax payroll deductions, at your option.

There are other voluntary benefits administered by Chimienti & Associates that can be payroll deducted, but only on a post-tax basis and are not part of the Kern$Flex plans: Group Term Life and Universal Life, Lifetime Benefit Term Life, Critical Illness Coverage, Long Term Disability Coverage, Hospital Indemnity Plan, and LegalGuard with Identity Theft Restoration Program.


Voluntary benefits administered by Walter Mortensen and Associates can be deducted through payroll but only on a post-tax basis and are not part of the Kern$Flex plans: Auto, homeowners, dwelling fire, umbrella, motorcycle, motor home, and disability products (contact Walter Mortenson Insurance for more information).

MILLS & MARLING (661) 324-1772

Voluntary benefits administered by Mills & Marling that can be payroll deducted, but only on a post-tax basis and are not part of the Kern$Flex plans: New York Life Insurance products (contact Mills & Marling for information).

Other insurance products and benefit programs may be available through your employee union, contact information for your union is available on the CAO Labor Relations page.

Information on employee benefits NOT administered by Health Benefits (such as Deferred Compensation and Retirement) can be found at


COBRA Rates  (PDF)

A Federal Law, usually called COBRA, requires that most employers sponsoring group health plans offer employees and their families the opportunity for a temporary extension of health coverage (called "continuation coverage") at group rates in certain instances where coverage under the plan would otherwise end. Employees covered by the County's health benefits programs have a right to choose this continuation coverage if they lose health insurance coverage because of a reduction in hours or the termination of employment for reasons other than gross misconduct.

Additional COBRA Information  (PDF)


Original Signatures Required on Forms - Do Not FAX

   ♦   Flexible Spending Account Claim Form  (PDF)

   ♦   County-Paid Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation / Name Change  (PDF - updated 12/2008)

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