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Kern County Human Resources Health Benefits

Kern County Human Resources Health Benefits

Retiree Health Benefits Plans and Costs

Contacts / Help  (PDF)                                       Other Retiree Resources

Free Medicare Workshop for Employees and Retirees: June 12, 2019 (PDF)
Health Plan Open Enrollment for Plan Year 2019 is now closed.

2019 Plan Summaries and Rate/Cost Comparisons


Over 65 Plans

   ♦   Plan Summaries  (PDF)

   ♦   Rates/Features Comparison Chart  (PDF)

Under 65 Plans

   ♦   Plan Summaries  (PDF)

   ♦   Rates/Features Comparison Chart  (PDF)

Dental Plan

   ♦   Summary  (PDF)

   ♦   Premiums  (PDF)

   ♦   Benefits Web Site

2019 Rates/Premiums


Rate Changes - Comparison Chart  (PDF)

Original Signatures Required on Forms - Do Not FAX

   ♦   Address Change/Plan Change  (PDF)

   ♦   Retiree Request for Dis-Enrollment from Health Benefits (for self or dependent) (PDF)

Retiree Health Benefits Policy  (PDF - revised effective 5/3/16)

Addresses issues that apply only to retirees.

Retiree Health Benefits Eligibility Policy  (PDF - revised 6/2013)

Addresses eligibility for retired members enrolled in any Kern County group health plan.

Health Benefits Plan Privacy Policy (PDF - updated 12/2/09)

Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act  (PDF)

Medicare Notices

   ♦   General Medicare Information  (PDF)

   ♦   Penalties for late enrollment in Medicare  (PDF)

   ♦   Medicare Part A and Part B Coordination on the County Self-Insured Medical Plans  (PDF)

   ♦   Medicare Part D Summary  (PDF)

   ♦   Medicare Part D and Prescription Drug Coverage  (PDF)

   ♦   Medicare Part D Creditable Drug Coverage Notice   (PDF)

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