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Kern County Human Resources Health Benefits

Kern County Human Resources Health Benefits

Retiree Health Benefits Plans and Costs

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Retiree Open Enrollment – October 11 through November 15
Open Enrollment is the only time during the year that retirees can make changes to their health benefit elections without a qualifying event. During open enrollment you can change your medical plan, dental plan, and/or vision and add or remove dependents. You can cancel benefits at any time but you must maintain continuous coverage in order to remain eligible to receive the stipend and supplement payments for County-sponsored plans in the future. Forms must be submitted with original signatures to Kern County Human Resources - Health Benefits by 5:00 PM on Friday, November 15, 2018 with changes effective January 1, 2020.
Open Enrollment 2020 Dates Now Available

2020 Open Enrollment will be held from Friday, October 11th through Friday November 15th. Changes will go into effect January 1, 2020.
  • Annual Open House for Active Employees will be held on Friday, October 11th.
  • Retiree Health Fair will be held Wednesday, October 30th.
Look for more info regarding plan options and rates mid October.
Annual Open House for Retired Employees

2019 Plan Summaries and Rate/Cost Comparisons


Over 65 Plans

   ♦   Plan Summaries  (PDF)

   ♦   Rates/Features Comparison Chart  (PDF)

Under 65 Plans

   ♦   Plan Summaries  (PDF)

   ♦   Rates/Features Comparison Chart  (PDF)

Dental Plan

   ♦   Summary  (PDF)

   ♦   Premiums  (PDF)

   ♦   Benefits Web Site

2019 Rates/Premiums


Rate Changes - Comparison Chart  (PDF)

Original Signatures Required on Forms - Do Not FAX

   ♦   Address Change/Plan Change  (PDF)

   ♦   Retiree Request for Dis-Enrollment from Health Benefits (for self or dependent) (PDF)

Retiree Health Benefits Policy  (PDF - revised effective 5/3/16)

Addresses issues that apply only to retirees.

Retiree Health Benefits Eligibility Policy  (PDF - revised 6/2013)

Addresses eligibility for retired members enrolled in any Kern County group health plan.

Health Benefits Plan Privacy Policy (PDF - updated 12/2/09)

Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act  (PDF)

Medicare Notices

   ♦   General Medicare Information  (PDF)

   ♦   Penalties for late enrollment in Medicare  (PDF)

   ♦   Medicare Part A and Part B Coordination on the County Self-Insured Medical Plans  (PDF)

   ♦   Medicare Part D Summary  (PDF)

   ♦   Medicare Part D and Prescription Drug Coverage  (PDF)

   ♦   Medicare Part D Creditable Drug Coverage Notice   (PDF)

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