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Kern County Human Resources Health Benefits

Kern County Human Resources Health Benefits

Health Benefits Division ♦ 1115 Truxtun Ave, 1st Floor ♦ Phone: (661) 868-3182 ♦ Email:

12/18/19 Effective January 1, 2020, ASI will no longer administer COBRA. Kern County Health Benefits will be self administering COBRA services. For questions regarding COBRA please contact Health Benefits at 661 868-3182. Payments made after 1/1/20 should be sent directly to Health Benefits.
11/18/19 Permanent Employees Health Plan Open Enrollment for Plan Year 2020 is now closed.
09/06/18 Body Exchange Sports Club Announces Employee Discounts (PDF)
The County has renewed their contract with Body Xchange and employees are once again eligible for lower monthly rates and no enrollment fees. Please review the flyer linked above for additional information. For questions about Body Xchange, its clubs or this offer please contact Shae at Body Xchange – contact information is in the flyer. For questions about the contract you can contact Tracey Eldridge at 661-868-3182 or by email at



Kern County provides health plan coverage to eligible employees and their eligible dependents. Employees may choose from five medical plans. Medical plans include prescription drug coverage that allows employees and their dependents to obtain covered prescriptions at discounted rates from a plan participating pharmacy. The prescription drug benefit may also include a mail-service component that allows employees to acquire covered prescriptions at an even greater discount. See plan summaries for details for each health plan.

Employees may choose from two dental plans; A preferred Provider (PPO) plan and a HMO type plan.

Vision coverage is provided to employees and their eligible dependents who are enrolled in any of the County's medical plans (Kern Legacy Share Select, Kern Legacy Network Plus, Kern Legacy Max Choice, Kern Legacy Classic Choice, or Kaiser Permanente). The vision plan is provided through Vision Service Plan (VSP).

2019 Health Plan Information


2020 Health Plan Information


Health Plan Web Sites


Medical Plans

Dental Plans

Vision Plan

Employee Biweekly Premium Contribution


The employee’s biweekly premium contributions include premiums for medical, dental and vision coverage.

Health Benefits Coverage Periods


Note: The coverage periods for Health Benefits are not the same as the hours worked payroll periods.

Health Benefits End Date When Terminating Periods


Health Benefits coverage end on the last day of the bi-weekly payroll period during which employment ends.

Additional Voluntary Benefits Information  (PDF)



Employees have additional benefits and programs available through payroll deduction. These options are made available to employees merely as a convenience and are not endorsed or guaranteed by the County. The County of Kern makes no recommendation nor assumes any responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the product selected. Some voluntary benefits are portable and/or convertible, meaning you can keep the coverage should your employment with the County terminate. You should contact the administrator of the particular program for portability/convertibility information.



KERN$FLEX - Flexible spending plans that allow eligible employees to pay for dependent care, un-reimbursed medical expenses, certain voluntary benefit insurance premiums and employee health benefit (medical/dental/vision) contributions on a pre-tax basis through payroll deduction. Sign-up or manage your account at Questions on active Flexible Spending Accounts should be directed to Administrative Solutions, Inc (ASi) at (866) 777-1320.

Health Savings Account (HSA)


Kern Legacy Share Select is Health Savings Account (HSA) qualified. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) allow you to make tax-deductible deposits and withdraw the funds to pay for qualified medical expenses tax-free. If you enroll in the Kern Legacy Share Select Plan and have no other first dollar medical coverage, (e.g. low or no deductible medical coverage) you are eligible to open an HSA account.

The County does not offer an HSA, however you can open an HSA account through American Fidelity. If you decide to enroll in the HSA account, your application will need to be submitted directly to American Fidelity, and not to the County. Once your application is approved, they will submit your elected contribution to be deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis. If you have additional questions, please contact American Fidelity at 1-866-326-3600.

American Fidelity HSA Application  (PDF)

Informational References:

Health Savings Account  (PDF)

HSA - Make Healthcare Expense Management Simple  (PDF)

HSA - A Solution for Saving  (PDF)

Insurance Products



These voluntary benefits offered as part of the Kern$Flex benefit program and can be deducted on a pre-tax basis through the Kern$Flex plans: Short Term Disability Coverage, Accident Plan, Cancer Plan, and the Kern$Flex Flexible Spending Accounts. You can also choose to purchase any of the three insurance plans above with post-tax payroll deductions, at your option.

There are other voluntary benefits administered by Chimienti & Associates that can be payroll deducted, but only on a post-tax basis and are not part of the Kern$Flex plans: Group Term Life and Universal Life, Lifetime Benefit Term Life, Critical Illness Coverage, Long Term Disability Coverage, Hospital Indemnity Plan, and LegalGuard with Identity Theft Restoration Program.


Voluntary benefits administered by Walter Mortensen and Associates can be deducted through payroll but only on a post-tax basis and are not part of the Kern$Flex plans: Auto, homeowners, dwelling fire, umbrella, motorcycle, motor home, and disability products (contact Walter Mortenson Insurance for more information).

MILLS & MARLING (661) 324-1772

Voluntary benefits administered by Mills & Marling that can be payroll deducted, but only on a post-tax basis and are not part of the Kern$Flex plans: New York Life Insurance products (contact Mills & Marling for information).

Other insurance products and benefit programs may be available through your employee union, contact information for your union is available on the CAO Labor Relations page.

Information on employee benefits NOT administered by Health Benefits (such as Deferred Compensation and Retirement) can be found at

A Federal Law, usually called COBRA, requires that most employers sponsoring group health plans offer employees and their families the opportunity for a temporary extension of health coverage (called "continuation coverage") at group rates in certain instances where coverage under the plan would otherwise end. Employees covered by the County's health benefits programs have a right to choose this continuation coverage if they lose health insurance coverage because of a reduction in hours or the termination of employment for reasons other than gross misconduct.

COBRA Administrator:

Customer Service Number:

Administrative Solutions, Inc.

(866) 777-1320

After January 1, 2020 Kern County Health Benefits will be self administering COBRA services. After this date please contact Health Benefits at 661 868-3182 for questions regarding COBRA.  Payments made after 1/1/20 should be sent directly to Health Benefits.

Original Signatures Required on Forms - Do Not FAX or email

Need to Add/Remove Dependent(s) to/from your Health Plans


You will need to complete a Health Benefits Change form if you wish to add/remove dependent(s) from your health plans. Supporting documentation will be required. A completed Health Benefits change form must be received by Health Benefits within 30 days of a permitting event, unless otherwise noted in the Health Benefits Eligibility Policy.

Need to Change your Beneficiary on the County-Paid Life Insurance


You will need to complete a new Beneficiary form, if you wish to change your beneficiary on the County-Paid Life Insurance. Kern County will always use the most recent dated Life Insurance Beneficiary from on file.

Need to Submit a Reimbursement from your Flexible Spending Account


You will need to complete a Flexible Spending Account Claim form, if you wish to submit a reimbursement to your Medical or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account.

Eligibility Policies


   ♦   County of Kern Health Benefits Eligibility Policy for Active Employees (PDF - revised 3/2015)
        For eligible, active permanent or contract County employees and for active employees of participating Special
        Districts with combined County medical/dental/vision benefits.

   ♦   County of Kern Health Benefits Eligibility Policy for Participants without Active Employee Medical Coverage
        (PDF - revised 6/2013)
        For County or Special District Retirees with medical or dental coverage and for active employees of
        participating Special Districts with dental or vision benefits but no County medical coverage.

   ♦   Health Benefits Eligibility Policy for Extra-Help and Temporary Employees Not Otherwise Eligible for Health
        For eligible Extra Help and Temporary employees.

Other Policies


   ♦   Retiree Health Benefits Administration Policy   (PDF)

Important Notices


   ♦   COBRA Notification   (PDF)

   ♦   Health Benefits Plan HIPAA Privacy Policy   (PDF)

   ♦   Medicare and Prescription Drug Coverage Notice   (PDF)

   ♦   Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act  (PDF)

   ♦   Lifetime Limits (Elimination)   (PDF)

   ♦   Patient Protection (Primary Care Physician/OB-GYN) Disclosure   (PDF)

   ♦   Extension of Dependent Coverage to Age 26   (PDF)

   ♦   Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)   (PDF)

   ♦   Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options and Your Health Coverage   (PDF)

   ♦   Your Rights and Obligations as a Pregnant Employee   (PDF)

   ♦   Family Care, Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Leave   (PDF)

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